28th Annual Meeting (July 16-18, 2009)

Friday, July 17, 2009
Surgery Multi-Modality Conference Room, UT Southwestern Medical Center

"Urban Tactical Medicine: The Parkland Experience"
Alexander Eastman, M.D.

"Current Techniques in Esophageal Surgery"
Casey Graybeal, M.D.

"Surgery on the West Coast (...of Wisconsin!)"
Joseph Skemp, M.D.

"Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery"
Daniel Scott, M.D.

"Tips and Techniques of Laparoscopic Colectomy"
Farshid Araghizahdeh, M.D. and Yomi Fayiga, M.D.

Skills Lab Demonstration and Virtual OR Tour
Daniel Scott, M.D.

"The Future of Parkland"
Ron Anderson, M.D.


Saturday, July 18, 2009
Carpenter Room, Four Seasons Resort 

"Predictions of Early vs. Late Timing of Pulmonary Embolus After Injury"
Scott Brakenridge, M.D.

"Update on Endocrine Surgery"
Barbra Miller, M.D. and Shelby Holt, M.D.

"Family, Friends and Colleagues: One Great Trauma Team"
Greg Credi, M.D.

"Soft Tissue Infections"
David Borgstrom, M.D.

"Surgical Management of Inflamatory Bowel Disease"
Lori Gordon, M.D.

"The Evolution of the NAIS Procedure: From Matt Rossi to the Present"
Patrick Clagett, M.D.

19th Annual Robert N. McClelland Lecture
"Does Father Know Best? The Surgical Conundrum"

Gary Purdue, M.D.

"Hunger, Craving, Eating and Gaining: Brain Surgery for Obesity"
Nancy Puzziferri, M.D.

"Parkland Trauma and Emergency General Surgery (EGS): A Decade of Change"
T. Al West, M.D.

"What is New in Thoracic Surgery"
Dan Meyer, M.D.

"Robotic Valvular Heart Surgery"
Jeff Tyner, M.D.