The Robert N. McClelland Lectureship

The Robert N. McClelland Lectureship was established in 1990 by the Chief Residents to honor all the surgical faculty, past, present and future, for their excellence in teaching. The teaching faculty of the Department of Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center is recognized as a key component to the success of the surgical residency program at Parkland Memorial Hospital and the University affiliated hospitals.

The annual lecture is named for Robert N. McClelland, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Surgery.

Robert N. McClelland, M.D.

Robert N. McClelland, M.D.

Dr. McClelland was the first faculty member to hold the Alvin Baldwin, Jr. Chair in Surgery, an endowment designated for support of surgical education. He has received more than 16 other awards over his long career — most of them related to teaching. 

His influence as a medical educator extends beyond UT Southwestern into surgical training programs throughout the country. He originated, edited and published the Selected Readings in General Surgery, a reading program for residents in general surgery used across the U.S. Prior to his retirement, he transferred this program to the American College of Surgeons where it still continues.

The Distinguished Alumnus Lecture was begun in 1994 to honor a Parkland Surgical Society member who has accomplished many outstanding achievements throughout the years.

Past McClelland Lectures

1991  Alexander J. Walt, M.B., CH.B. -  “Graduate Medical Education:  Politics and Perestroika”

1992  David C. Sabiston, Jr., M.D. -  “Surgery of the Coronary Circulation:  1992”

1993  G. Tom Shires, M.D. -  “Trauma 1993”

1994  Ward O. Griffen, Jr., M.D. -  “The Impact of Healthcare Reform on Surgical Education”

1995  Robert E. Condon, M.D. -  “Repair of Recurrent and Complex Ventral Hernias”

1996  Donald D. Trunkey, M.D. -  “A Random Stroll Around Healthcare Reform”

1997  Jerry M. Shuck, M.D. -  “Bandwagons, Pendulums and Other Phenomena”

1998  Jack Pickleman, M.D. -  “Resident Selection in the 90’s:  Gestalt or Science”

1999  Ronald C. Jones, M.D. -  “Medical Schools, Hospitals, Physicians and the Dallas   Community 1891- 1999”

2000  Bruce L. Gewertz, M.D. -  “What Academic Medicine Needs To Do To Survive and Why Should I Care?

2001  Z. H. Lieberman, M.D. -  “Surgery – The Ideal Profession”

2002  William Turner, M.D.  - “Small Bowel Obstruction:  The Clifton Bridge Revisited”

2003  Blake Cady, M.D. - “Controversies in the Biological Aspects and Surgical Treatment of  Breast Cancer:  A Model for Basic Surgical Oncological Principles”

2004  William H. Snyder, M.D. - “A Matter of Trust:  The Brave Journey of a Sea Captain and His Surgeons”

2005  Richard C. Thirlby, M.D. – “Advances in the Treatment of Rectal Cancer”

2006  Merrick I. Ross, M.D. - “Melanoma:  New Staging – New Treatments”

2007  Karen R. Borman, M.D - "Wanted:  A Healthcare Policy Mantra for Surgeons"

2008  John A. Weigelt, M.D. – “Surgical Education:  Changing Times”

2009  Gary Purdue, M.D. - “Does Father Know Best?  The Surgical Conundrum”

2010  Mary McCarthy, M.D. - “Acute Care Surgery:  The Future of General Surgery”

2011  R. James Valentine, M.D. -  “It Is Not Your Father’s Residency”

2012  Jason B. Fleming, M.D. -   “Drive:  What Makes Us Surgeons”

2013  John Cargile, M.D. – “When the Surgeon is the Patient”