The Distinguished Alumnus Lecture was begun in 1994 to honor a Parkland Surgical Society member who has accomplished many outstanding achievements throughout the years.

Past Distinguished Alumnus Lectures

1994                Dr. Charles Baxter – “My 40 Years in Burns”

1995                Dr. Ben Wilson – “Impact of Art on My Life”

1996                Dr. G. Tom Shires – “Fluids and Critics Along the Way”

1997                Dr. Robert McClelland – “The Past, Present and Future of Medical Teaching”

1998                Dr. Malcolm Perry – “Academic Vascular Surgery:  Reflections of a Teacher”                

1999                Dr. John Weigelt – “Surgical Residency Education:  A Never Ending Story”

2000               Dr. James Carrico was scheduled to give the lecture but was ill at the time and unable to attend the meeting.

2001                Dr. C. James Carrico – “Two Memorable Days”

2002               Dr. Erwin Thal – “Time and Change”

2003               Dr. Wayne Isom – “The History of Cardiopulmonary Bypass”

2004               NONE

2005               Dr. Dale Coln – “Pediatric Trauma:  One Bear/One-Thousand Megabytes”

2006               Dr. John Weigelt – “New Age Residency”

2007               Dr. J. Michael Cornell - “A Surgeon’s Journey:  Guide to the Good Life"

2008               Dr. Rebekah Naylor – “Missionary Surgeon in Changing Times”

2009               NONE

2010                Dr. Phil Guzzetta - “Treating Vascular Disease in Children, A Passion Not A Career”

2011                 Dr. Craig Hobar - “From Parkland to Zimbabwe”

2012                Dr. David Tuggle - “Pediatric Surgical Survivors – What You Need to Know”

2013                Dr. John Josephs – “The Current and Future Medical Practice Landscape for the General Surgeon in Texas”